• HN-C10/3-HX

    195089 HN-C10/3-HX

    Miniature circuit breaker (MCB), 10 A, 3p, characteristic: C
    Miniature circuit breaker (MCB), xPole home, tripping characteristics: B, C, rated switching capacity according to IEC/EN 60898-1: 6 kA, Switchgear for residential and commercial applications.
    General specifications
    Product name: Eaton Moeller series xPole Home – HN/HN-HX MCB
    Part no.: HN-C10/3-HX
    EAN: 9010238065734
    Product Length/Depth: 85 millimetre
    Product height: 73 millimetre
    Product width: 53.1 millimetre
    Product weight: 0.36 kilogram
    Compliances: RoHS conform
    Product Tradename: xPole Home – HN/HN-HX
    Product Type: MCB
    Product Sub Type: None

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